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water stories

Water Stories

"The (movement) avoids any identifiable contemporary branding, it belongs to the szalt women who are well on their way to creating a uniquely detailed theatrical and choreographic identity for their collective work." 
"a stunning work - a beautiful meeting of artists' vision and mesmerizing performances" 

WATER STORIES was commissioned by Clare Graham's MorYork Gallery in 2016. The work premiered 8 runs over 4 weekends and is being revived for ONE NIGHT ONLY Friday May 26 at the Brand Library and Art Center.

A NEW contemporary performance project, Water Stories, brings together (SPACE) Clare Graham, (SOUND) Louis Lopez, (THREAD) Amabelle Aguiluz, and (MOVEMENT) szalt - dance company. The 4 week performative-installation acted as a thoughtful reflection on the cyclical nature of shared, human-to-water experiences.

What have we felt, seen, feared, heard, and remembered in water? What does our human connection to water teach us about our place in the world? If nothing else, we are bonded by the curiosity and mystery of natural cycles and forces. 


Amabelle, Stephanie, and Louis are utilized their fields of work to sensitively recount significant water experiences and encounters in an effort to link our shared psychologies.  The immersive and stimulating performances in Water Stories trigger the viewers' collective stream of consciousness and invite us to feel connected as one human and animal race. It allows us all to feel part of the same beautiful and mysterious world. Liquid and Land. Bodies and Breath.

As part of the creative residency we offered affordable multi-media workshops to the community during our residency at the MorYork Gallery including lessons in textiles, field recording, and movement research.