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"O E is filled with tension, joy, sadness and struggle... outstanding and totally engaging."

- Jeff Slayton (SeeDance

O E is a “REMIX” of Stephanie Zaletel’s F L W R S – re-directed by the original cast, and re-mixed to evoke alternate versions of non-chronological, feminine development with the help of 6 dancers, 4 directors, a de-constructed dressing room, Clare Graham's recycled sculpture art, television static, and hundreds of branches.


Photographed by Becca Green

Photographed by Becca Green

The original version of F L W R S premiered in May 2015 at
HNYPT – a warehouse/performance space in downtown Los Angeles. Zaletel collaborated with Set/Lighting Designer Alex Gaines to create the dream-like, industrial landscape for the five women of szalt to explore. Composer Louis Lopez created an emotionally-charged, intergalactic soundscape coupled with music by Ariel Pink and Gal Costa. Over the course of an hour, the women embody and examine feminine GROWTH, LOVE, SEX, DEATH, and CELEBRATION. SeeDance called this unique evening of site-sensitive dance, “charged, tense, and tender”.

O E is an opportunity to dismantle the familiar constructs seen in F L W R S, it is a chance to explore another view – a practice in re-creation, destruction, and chance.

O E  Premiered September 18 & 19, 2015
Highways Performance Space
Santa Monica, CA

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