creating and facilitating highly collaborative, site-sensitive, and socially fluent dance performance and practice


G  H  O  S  T  S

"(an) excellent immersion-tour around a strange visual planet"

- Debra Levine | arts meme

This intimate and authentic dance event features the 5 females of szalt sensitively yet rigorously interacting with and within the whimsical sculpture creations of re-inventionalist Clare Graham, the owner/artist, and curator of this North Eastern Los Angeles treasure. The finale of the event will include an excerpt of Artistic Director, Stephanie Zaletel’s f l w r s (szalt’s evening length project to premier in Summer 2015) adapted to, and enhanced by, the unique gallery space. 

Premiered  MARCH, 2015 at
The MorYork Gallery

About MorYork Gallery and Clare Graham: 

Clare creates art, recently “Recycled Art” or art made from discarded materials. Groupings of curious pieces often take the form of furniture and many of his sets boast of containing millions if not merely hundreds of thousands of materials. Scrabble tiles, bottle caps, etc. Raised in Ontario Canada and schooled south of Tinsel Town, Clare currently weaves his magic from a studio in the foothills of Los Angeles, the MorYork Gallery. He’s still a regular contributor in the Entertainment Industry while creating artifacts at an astonishing pace.

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