creating and facilitating highly collaborative, site-sensitive, and socially fluent dance performance and practice


F  L  W  R  S

"charged, tense and tender..."

- Jeff Slayton | SeeDance


- - -

women, and age, and men, and love, and sex, and death, and growing, and smiling, and wind

- - -

windows and spiders and staples and rust and concrete and

bare feet and beginnings and endings

- - -


Stephanie Zaletel's szalt premiers an off-the-wall evening of
contemporary/experimental dance, 
original music by Louis Lopez, 
and interactive set design by Alex Gaines

F L W R S  features the 5 females of szalt, demonstrating not-so-chronological feminine development with the help of an unforgiving dressing room, television static, and hundreds of flowers. 

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Premiered at HNYPT LA (May 2015)

Excerpts of F L W R S have been presented at the:

MorYork Gallery (March 2015)
REDCAT Theater (March 2015)
JATB Festival in Blue Diamond, NV (June 2015)
Bootleg Theater (June 2015)

Photographed by Nadav Heyman

Photographed by Nadav Heyman