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As szalt expands and tours, the work requires an ever growing commitment from the company members.

Since szalt's humble beginning in 2012, all of the funds raised from ticket sales, donors, and classes have been poured back into the rehearsal space, production costs, travel expenses, and limited performance stipends for dancers and collaborators. The dancers have donated hundreds of rehearsal hours over these past 5 years for free - simply because they believe in the work - and thank goodness they did!

We are now in the process of raising funds for szalt's first season of paid rehearsals. This was an ambitious undertaking considering this year we have also embarked on our first tours to Seattle, WA and Santa Fa, NM. However, I strongly believe this is a vital step in the company's progression, and I know you do too.

Donors contributing over $500 will be honored at our first Gala performance in December 2017.

You can also make automatic monthly contributions through our fiscal sponsor: Fractured Atlas. 

Thank you for keeping szalt WORKING <3


photographed by Joseph Lambert

photographed by Joseph Lambert

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Jim Rodney

Case Van Rij

Ellen and Ozzie Fumo

Scott Lenz

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Chris Zaletel  |   Nicholas Croft   |   Elizabeth Van Vleck     

Jodie Landau   |   Wileen Dragovan  |   Danielle Kozorez      

Maureen Stavas   |   Rosanna Gamson   |   Michael Hussar   |   Julian Boyd

Eden Lidor Bar   |   Todd Hannigan  |   David + Susan Hankel

Miranda Wright   |   Mario Troiani  |   Jeff Slayton

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Hilary Grumman  |  Gigi Todisco  |  Lisa Yan  |  Stephanie Sharp  | Alanna Herrera  |  Nicole Shaffer

Michael J Bryant  |  Gregory Dorado  |  Samantha Shay  |  Emily Pro

Cari Stevens  |  Olivia Goldberg  |  Yao Zhang  |  Meryl Murman  |  Rebecca Block  |  Deena Horner

Barbara Wolken  |  Lia Bleichfeld  |  Tonia Soteros  |  Erez Heiman

Tessa Rapaczynski  |  Melitao  |  Louie Cornejo  |  Heyward Bracey  |  Audra Pace  |  Danielle Birrittella

Cybele Moon  |  Jay Carlon  |  Tiara Jackson  |  Mallory Fabian

Ashley Gier  |  Lisa Wahlander  |  Meg Pursell  |  Victoria Sendra  |  Amelia Laughlin |  Katie Marie Istvan

Liz Bustle  |  Thomas Tsai  |  Katarina Gleicher  |  Steven Turco

YT Wong  |  Sondra Sun-Odeon  |  Hyosun Choi  |  Michelle Sagarminaga  |  Brian Saia  |  Keith Skretch

Andrew Rowan  |  Veline Mojarro  |  Nick Percell  |  Alec S.

Lily Buckner  |  Lily Min  |  Elizabeth Houlton  |  Alexsa Katarina Marie Durrans   

Teresa Luna-Lollie |  Kelley Smith  |  Fernando Belo

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